my life

                  time is up. as on plan, i will post after spm finish. here me now, independent baby !

life is very unpredictable. things may not turn out as hoped. so, just do the best to get the best. if you have an effort, you would get what you want. I grew up, I've learn so many things and still learning about this life. My experienced has taught me a lot and make me stronger day by day. you can say anything and i just smile and pretending like nothing's happen. i will forget about it and keep move on, forward. give up doesnt mean me weak, for me i really strong enough to let it go. i'm tired of all this fucking shit matter. I'm okay. I really do.

I'm single and not available. my heart is like a gold. its expensive and worthy. oh yaa, my heart is still resting. I'm still tired. so many thing i've plan. may god bless me. i'm away from facebook, twitter etc. kinda busy. rarely online. have a break for a long time. everybody, do take care !

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